Freya in a comedy skit with backdrops created by Timmy “SLOTH” Ham

Eight teams locked and loaded for Flashpoint 2 Playoffs in race to claim $1 million prize pool and the SLOTH custom AK-47 Championship trophy

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Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Mogul Timmy “SLOTH” Ham Re-Imagines One-of-a-Kind Trophy. Swedish Rock Group ‘Smash Into Pieces’ Joins the Party with Theme Song for Hype Video Debuting on Nov. 30.

Flashpoint 2 custom AK-47 championship trophy, made by SLOTH

Flashpoint 2, the second global Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament series from team-owned esports organization B Site, Inc., announced the playoffs will kick off on Mon., Nov. 30 as the final 8 teams will be competing for the largest CS:GO prize pool in 2020 of $1 million, with the champions taking $500,000 and the new street art-inspired AK-47 Trophy customized by Timmy “SLOTH” Ham.

After the Group Play stage on Nov. 10-22, the 8 teams remaining include globally ranked BIG (#5), OG (#6), Fnatic (#13), and (#15), along with B Site founding teams MAD Lions (#22), MIBR (#29), Dignitas Vie, and Team Envy. Flashpoint 2 has peaked at 161,191 concurrent viewers with more than 3.7 million hours watched total.

“First off, we tip our hats to the players who are bringing their best game everyday while they play online throughout Europe to remain safe. Their resilience during a global pandemic is simply amazing,” said Christopher “⁠MonteCristo⁠” Mykles, Commissioner of Flashpoint.  “We’re also extremely proud of the content we are delivering for our fans and sharing the stories beyond the game in partnership with Pinnacle Esports. We’ve still got some surprises up our sleeves for the playoffs and Grand Final.”

Along with the intense competition, original content has taken center stage during Flashpoint 2 with in-depth player interviews and in-studio skits and vignettes from the on-air team in London including Christopher “⁠MonteCristo⁠” Mykles, Duncan “⁠Thorin⁠” Shields, James “⁠BARDOLPH⁠” Bardolph, Anders “⁠Anders⁠” Blume, Christine “⁠potter⁠” Chi, Alex “⁠Mauisnake⁠” Ellenberg, Alex “hawka” Hawkins, Allan Hender, Auguste “⁠Semmler⁠” Massonnat, and Freya Spiers.

Work in progress of the AK-47 trophy
Timmy “SLOTH” Ham

To ensure the broadcast looks like something CS:GO fans have never seen before, additional artwork from Timmy “SLOTH” Ham is being used as backdrops for the Flashpoint-created comedy skits.

“It’s been an honor to put my spin on the coolest trophy in any sport, the AK-47 Championship Trophy,” said Timmy “SLOTH” Ham, @iamsloth (IG) and @timmyham (Twitter). “My design was inspired by wanting to bring a rad game-like skin into real life. I wanted to do something totally different so I went with some bright colors and more of a pop/street art vibe.”

Flashpoint 2 also welcomed Swedish rock band Smash Into Pieces whose song, “All Eyes On You,” has served as the theme song for the competition.  Flashpoint 2 will unveil its newest fully-animated SLOTH-made hype video on Monday to showcase the final 8 featuring the song.

The broadcasts have been elevated with the support of StatsHelix’s Post-Match Analysis software in partnership with FACEIT that allows Flashpoint’s analyst team to easily break down complex plays for stream viewers and create exciting content between and after matches.

MAD Lions defeated MIBR 2-1 during the Flashpoint 1 Grand Final in April which captured 271,000+ concurrent viewers – a record for Flashpoint 1.  Online viewership for Flashpoint 1 recorded over 7 million hours watched and was consistently ranked as a top 20 stream on Twitch during the spring series.

Flashpoint 3 will return next year with dates expected to be announced soon.

Playoff Schedule

Monday, Nov 30

14:00 (GMT)Quarter Final #1MAD Lions vs.
17:00 (GMT)Quarter Final #2BIG vs. Team Envy

Tuesday, Dec 1

14:00 (GMT)Quarter Final #3Fnatic vs Dignitas Vie
17:00 (GMT)Quarter Final #4OG vs. MIBR

Wednesday, Dec 2

14:00 (GMT)Lower Bracket R1 #1
17:00 (GMT)Lower Bracket R1 #2

Thursday, Dec 3

14:00 (GMT)Semi Final #1
17:00 (GMT)Semi Final #2

Friday, Dec 4

14:00 (GMT)Lower Bracket R2 #1
17:00 (GMT)Lower Bracket R2 #2

Saturday, Dec 5

16:00 (GMT)Upper Bracket Final
19:00 (GMT)Lower Bracket R3

Sunday, Dec 6

12:00 (GMT)Lower Bracket Final
19:00 (GMT)Grand Final

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B Site Inc. is the first esports media company funded and run by team organizations including Cloud9, c0ntact Gaming, Dignitas Vie, Envy Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, Gen.G, MIBR and OverActive Media and in partnership with FACEIT.  Its mission is to create sustainability and prosperity for both players and teams while delivering differentiated content and storytelling to fans around the world. B Site is structured to provide the highest revenue share potential to teams of any major esports organizer. It champions an open circuit for developing new talent and an infrastructure for ensuring competitive integrity.

The company operates Flashpoint and Pop Flash, professional tournament events in CS:GO and VALORANT for game enthusiasts, and also produces original content with programs like Summoning Insight, The Blind Spot, and Flashpoint Q&A.  B Site partners include Pinnacle Esports, Twitch, Esports Charts and GRID.  Follow on Twitter @Flashpoint, on Instagram @flashpoint_cs, Twitch at and YouTube.  For more information, visit Flashpoint.

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