$1 million on the line for Flashpoint 2 and the largest CS:GO prize pool of 2020

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Flashpoint unveils the 12 teams to compete on Nov. 10-Dec.6

LONDON (October 22, 2020) – Flashpoint, the global Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament series from team-owned esports organization B Site, Inc., announced the 12 teams that will be competing in Flashpoint 2 and the largest prize pool for CS:GO in 2020 of $1 million, with the champions taking $500,000 and the AK-47 Trophy.

According to Esports Earnings, CS:GO has awarded the most money in prize pools in 2020 with nearly $11 million across 406 tournaments, with Flashpoint leading with $2 million in 2020 – $1 million during Flashpoint 1 in April and $1 million for its upcoming Flashpoint 2. An average CS:GO tournament has awarded a prize pool of $27,086. More than $71 million has been awarded in prize pools across all esports in 2020 across 2,700+ tournaments. By comparison, the prize pools for The Masters and the Indy 500 are $11.5 million and $15 million respectively.

The 12 teams competing in Flashpoint 2 will include globally ranked BIG (#7), OG (#8), Fnatic (#12), forZe eSports (#26) and Virtus.pro (#27), along with B Site founding teams Gen.G (#22), Cloud9 (#23), c0ntact, Dignitas, Team Envy, MAD Lions and MIBR.

Group play will begin on Nov. 10-22, with playoffs on Nov. 30-Dec. 5 and the Grand Final on Dec. 6. BIG, OG and Fnatic received direct invites, while forZe and Virtus.pro won qualifiers for their invites into Flashpoint 2.

The teams will be playing online to ensure the highest standards for safety around COVID-19, so the competition will be limited to teams who are able to quarantine in Europe to provide better network conditions.

The on-camera talent crew for Flashpoint 2, again led by Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles and Duncan “Thorin” Shields, will be together in the studio in London providing best-in-class production, commentary, and storytelling throughout the tournament. They will also host Flashpoint’s own original post-game analysis show called The Blind Spot, which ismodeled after friends discussing the day’s matches at the bar in a casual and unfiltered way.

“We’re pumped to be back with Flashpoint 2 to further deliver on our promise for raw and unfiltered entertainment for our fans with the largest prize pools of 2020 with arguably the coolest trophy in all of sports,” said Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, Commissioner of Flashpoint. “We’re eager to watch our storylines unfold including the emergence of BIG and OG this year, how the rebuilt rosters of some of our teams such as Cloud9 will compete and if MAD Lions can defend its title.”

MAD Lions defeated MIBR 2-1 during the Flashpoint 1 Grand Final in April which captured 271,000+ concurrent viewers – a record for Flashpoint 1. Online viewership for Flashpoint 1 recorded over 7 million hours watched and was consistently ranked as a top 20 stream on Twitch during the spring series.

About B Site, Inc.

B Site Inc. is the first esports media company funded and run by team organizations including Cloud9, c0ntact Gaming, Dignitas, Envy Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, Gen.G, MIBR and OverActive Media and in partnership with FACEIT. Its mission is to create sustainability and prosperity for both players and teams while delivering differentiated content and storytelling to fans around the world. B Site is structured to provide the highest revenue share potential to teams of any major esports organizer. It champions an open circuit for developing new talent and an infrastructure for ensuring competitive integrity.

The company operates Flashpoint and Pop Flash, professional tournament events in CS:GO and VALORANT for game enthusiasts, and also produces original content with programs like Summoning Insight, The Blind Spot, and Flashpoint Q&A. Follow on Twitter @Flashpoint, on Instagram @flashpoint_cs, Twitch at twitch.tv/flashpoint and YouTube.

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